We offer primarily our own bred animals.

Animals can be delivered:

  1. in person to exhibitions throughout Europe (for list of exhibitions, see PDF1)
  2. to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and England delivered by BAT Andrle (...), a supplier cooperating with us; delivery conditions are individual depending on the place of delivery and ordered volume. Further details will be provided via e-mail
  3. sent by air service to the whole world (for conditions, see PDF2)
  • Animals are always perfectly prepared for the journey and packed so they experience the least stress during the journey and reach the destination in the best condition possible.
  • In the case of air transport, wherever possible we choose the most direct flights and the travel to the airport from our facility is carefully planned so as to make sure they spend a minimum time at the airport due to the flight arrangements. Despite the efforts towards the most economical transport, safety of the animals is always the priority.
  • We have an individual approach according to customer requirements and animal welfare.
  • In case of your interest, we can provide you with current photographs of the available animals.
  • For more specific information and current offer, please contact us: email, tel. +420 608 518 532
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