Breeding Animals

Our breeding animals are carefully chosen from the best individuals available on the market, or we rear our own animals. Selection of breeding pairs, or groups, differs greatly between species, and sometimes this process takes up to several years.

When defining the animals for reproduction, we make sure the individuals are sufficiently mature, not only sexually but also physically. Using the appropriate selection and monitoring of phenotypic traits, we strive to cultivate certain characteristics of the species, focussing especially on getting new colour variants (selected species, see below). Animals are bred only in their natural way without using any artificial means of support.

In our breeding, we make sure the animals are fed the right colorful diet enriched with vitamins and minerals, providing them with sufficient animal hygiene and maximum welfare.

Sample breeding animals of several species and their color mutations


Hemitheconyx caudicinctus


Crotpahytus collaris


Ceratophrys cranwelli


Ambystoma mexicanum


Ambystoma tigrinum

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